Hydraulic Mobile Cutters

Hydraulic Mobile cutters from Holmatro, sold and serviced for all of Canada.

The Holmatro Industrial cutters are much robust then their rescue counterparts.  Industrial Hydraulic Mobile demolition and recycling cutters are made for standing up to demanding industrial requirements. They are designed to be light in weight and offer added strength.

Whether it is a building or plant demolition, cutting pipes, metal skidding or gang of cables you have a reliable partner  Various models are available to suit the different cutting force requirements. The wide array of cutter blade profiles offer us the capability to give you the right tool for the job.

Hydraulic Shears are categorized as Mobile Hydraulic Cutters and Stationery Cutters. Mobile cutters are lighter and offer higher flexibility to use at difficult to reach places. Stationery cutters are more robust and can be in environments requiring a large volume of cuts over extended periods.

Large mobile cutters, medium mobile cutters, small mobile cutters and mini mobile cutters – a complete range.

Hydraulic mobile cutter kit consists of a hydraulic cutter, required hose length and electric / pneumatic high pressure pump. Battery operated hydraulic mobile cutters are also available.

We also rent hydraulic mobile cutter system for specific applications and short term requirements. Call us  for Hydraulic Shears rent or purchase.

Talk to us for your hydraulic cutter needs. We sell and service Holmatro hydraulic cutters in our Aurora, ON office. We are the exclusive distributor for Holmatro Industrial tools. Browse through this website to see the varied range of hydraulic cutting and lifting tools we offer.