Inflatable Bladders

Inflatable Bladders, Bungs or balloons

Inflatable Bladder and Inflatable bungs for any shape and size.

Our Inflatable Pipe stoppers or  Inflatable Pipe Plugs are used for blocking or testing of pipes. These are available as High pressure Inflatable plugs, Low Pressure Inflatable plugs, or medium pressure Inflatable Plugs.

Also available Inflatable Bungs for Corrosive chemicals,hydrocarbons or for radioactive applications.

We have a range of standard as well as non-standard Inflatable Stoppers for pipes, ducts and other shaped orifices.

These versatile Inflatable Stoppers serve a wide diversity of industrial applications.The standard range of Inflatable Stoppers are available in a variety of shapes with sizes.

Low Profile Stoppers are available when insufficient length of pipe is available for the regular Stoppers. 

Contact us for your requirement of  inflatable pipe plugs, bungs, expansion plugs, purge plugs, duct plugs, piping isolation products for applications including: utilities, municipalities, global oil and gas, power plants, power generation, nuclear power, hydroelectric, steam and gas turbines, chemical plants, refineries, petrochemical & pipeline, pipe repair & maintenance, FME (Foreign Material Exclusion), Foreign Object Damage, Foreign Object Debris (FOD products), drop prevention, industrial safety, construction, environmental, mining, welding, pulp and paper, marine, offshore industries and general industry.

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