Inflatable Bladders

Inflatable Bladders, Inflatable Pipe Stoppers, Inflatable Pipe Plugs, Pipe Bungs, Canvas Bags, Pipe Stoppers

Inflatable Bladders and Pipe bungs available for the most demanding applications. Inflatable pipe plugs are used for a variety of applications that requrie insertion of plug to block pipe through a reduced diameter opening. Also Inflatable pipe plugs are ideal for blocking pipe or to hydrotest pipe when the plug needs to be inserted deep down the pipe length.

Inflatable Pipe Plugs are available in various materials to withstand chemicals and other corrosive material. We can supply inflatable pipe plugs also called inflatable pipe stoppers, made from natural rubber, Nitrile or Buna-N, Butyl or silicone. The bladders generally would have an outer protective layer of Canvas, Ballistic nylon, Viton or other such material.

Gas Plugs or Canvas Covered bags are used commonly for FME or Foreign material exclusion, pipe caps or as end caps to stop ingress of contaminants

Light Duty Inflatable Bladders are used as pipe end blockers and plugs to block flow at low pressure heads. Ballistic nylon or other materials are used as an outer layer.

Medium Duty Inflatable Bladders block pipes and can be used to hydrotest at low pressures. The medium duty bladders have more ply of bladder material and are covered with a layer of ballistic nylon or other such material.

Heavy duty inflatable bladders would have a thicker bladder material and also a thicker outer layer. This allows higher inflation pressures, which in turn allows for better grip on pipe ID and consequently higher back pressure witholding capability.

We also supply custom design bladders for rectangular or square ducting, and heat vents. Inflatable seals are also available for sewer applications, open culverts and such.

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