Hydrotest Pipe Plugs

Pipe Plugs are available for Low and High pressure hydrotest applications, which allow pressure vessels such as pipelines, plumbing, gas cylinders, boilers and fuel tanks can be tested for their integral strength and weld joint weakness.

Test Plugs typically allow quick and easy way to hydrotest without welding end caps. Conventional methods of testing involves welding a cap on the pipe end, filling the pipe with test medium (usually water) and after a successful test, cutting the end cap and beveling the pipe end. GriptightMax Hydrotest plugs avoid all of that. The test plugs grip the ID of the pipe to hold the plug in place when subjected to hydrotest pressure while a Urethane seal creates a water tight joint that will withstand test pressure. The new design GTMAX plugs leave minimum indentation on pipe ID.

OD GripTight plugs are also available that grip the pipe outside diameter.

Griptight Elbow Plugs allow hydrotesting elbows in pipe spools and piping systems terminating in long radius elbows.

Reverse Pressure GripTight plugs address the growing concern over the longitudinal strength of flange-to-pipe welds. By isolating the test area between a test flange and the GTRP plug, the flange-to-pipe weld is subjected to the full radial, hoop, and longitudinal stresses – equivalent to the stresses that would be produced when using a test blind to pressurize the entire piping system.

Hydrotesting socket weld fittings and couplings? Use our SQS socket weld test plugs. When the plugs are installed, the grippers expand within the socket holding the plug in position while the seal element expands and seals off the bore of the fitting