Tungsten Grinder

Technical Information on Grinding of Tungsten Electrodes

Longitudinal Grinding of Tungsten Electrodes

Why Longitudinal Grinding of Tungstens is important?

Owing to the method of manufacture of tungsten electrodes, the molecular structure of the grain runs in a longitudinal direction. Therefore, lateral grinding of tungstens has a detrimental effect on the stability and formation of the tip caused by its notching effect.

It is a fact that electrons flow at a greater density on the surface of an electrical conductor. The TIG or tungsten electrode is the crucial electrical carrier in a welding or cutting process. If electrodes are ground laterally (also polished laterally), the electrical energy skips the grinding channels. The arc starts previous to the tip, is widely leaked and jitters. The tungsten electrode also gets heated excessively and its thorium trails away earlier, thus considerably reducing its life.

By grinding longitudinally, the electrodes are carried steadily to the outermost tip of the electrode. The arc is narrow and bell-shaped. The high-frequency-ignition is carried out precisely in a straight line. The tungsten electrode is subjected to an appreciably lower thermal load and therefore has a very long service life.

Tungsten Grinder Tip Geometry

Electrode Tip angle varies from 15to 180o. Narrow angle and Wider angle will effect on bead width, Arc starting, current carrying capacity, arc stability, weld penetration and electrode life.

Sharper Electrode (Narrow angle): Wider weld bead, Easier arc striking, less amperage, improved arc stability, less weld penetration, shorter electrode life.

Blunter Electrode (Wider angle): Narrower weld bead, harder arc striking, more amperage, increased potential for arc wander, better weld penetration, longer electrode life.

Effect of Tungsten Tip Angle on Bead Profile

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