Pipe Fit-Up Tools

Pipe Fit-Up and Clamping tools are an essential tools for the pipe fabricator. Single chain clamps, Alignment clamps, Flange Line UP Pins, and more all help the pipe fitter work safely and efficiently.

We have single chain and double chain clamps which are available for rent or purchase. The chain clamps help align and reform pipe, but at the same time easy to operate.  The chain clamps are versatile and are useful for pipes, elbows, tees, fittings and more.  Chain clamps are available in various configurations depending on pipe size, pipe material, weight and service, and application. We also offer sleeve clamps for accurately aligning pipe halves.

The INT Series Alignment clamp  is a popular and easy-to-use clamp, requiring practically no training to operate while also being extremely affordable. It’s designed to be lightweight but durable and long lasting on the job site.

RIM clamps are available for heavy duty pipe reforming.

Super Clamps Aligns, Reforms, AND Sets the weld gap with a few turns of a wrench. Able to push or pull the pipe joint together to attain the proper gap. Super Clamp can do light reforming to correct ovality in the pipe.

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