4X4 PIPE BEVELER The Economical Bevelling Solution

Many pipe cutting techniques produce a rough, irregular end which is probably not square to the run of pipe. An ID (inside diameter) mounted pipe beveler solves several problems at once. First, since it mounts in the pipe end, all of the torque of the cut is carried by the pipe. This means the machine won’t want to twist out of your grasp and reduces operator fatigue. Secondly, the beveled end will be square to the centerline of the pipe so that you can keep a uniform center, even with multiple welds. Most important of all, the “weld prepped” pipe end guarantees an optimal (industry standard) 37.5 bevel, ensuring you will have ideal root pass access, so critical to a good weld. This bevel provides uniform transmittal of heat into the parent metal and controls the amount of filler metal required. All of this adds up to superior, repeatable welds, each and every time with our 4×4 Pipe Beveler!

JEI 4X4BrochHoriz18



  • 2” to 8” (50.8 to 203.2mm)
  • Max wall dependant on pipe size, approximately 0.500” (12.7mm)
  • Must purchase Model 700 Power Drive separately!
  • Steel mandrel assembly for solid mounting, smoother cuts
  • Cast-in pipe size numbers for bit positioning can’t wear off
  • Rugged cast cutting head for safety and accurate bit holding
  • Safety shear pin prevents torque overloading to protect tool
  • Multiple drive holes distribute wear and allow fast engagement
  • Easy handling feed knobs for positive tactile feed control
  • Safety cover prevents removal from pipe while drive engaged
  • Handy release knob permits rapid removal of torque assembly
  • Strong torque bracket eliminates twisting for smooth operation
  • Replaceable wear plates protect power drive from wear
  • Triple mounting stations for bits or future accessories
  • Additional mounting kits available for purchase, 2″ to 8″ pipe.
  • Bevel 37.5 degrees