600 Series SB (Sliding Bearing) OD Mount – 7 Models 1/4″ to 12″

The Small SB Clamshells are utilized in a wide variety of roles from tube and pipe production to maintenance in power and processing plants. There are 7 models in this group and they cut a range of 1/4″ through 12″ tube and pipe, between them. Please refer to the product selection chart for the range on individual model. These lathes may be equipped with self-centering mounting pads for quick, easy mounting, or equipped with adjustable mounting pads for out-of-round pipe or precise centering. Star wheels on the tool modules provide incremental tool bit feed for controlled cut depth. All small SB clamshells (except the 602TSB) offer machining accessories for socket weld removal and counterboring.

Each clamshell within the small SB group provides specific features and benefits. Models 601SBM and the 602.5SBM offer tool modules that require minimal axial (along the pipe) or radial (around the pipe) clearance. The Model 602TSB is designed for performing weld cut-outs on boiler tubes and offers tool modules requiring the lowest radial clearance of any clamshell. Models 606SB-612SB comes standard with the new 3 position tool module for a broad range of pipe sizes. The small SB group may be driven by different power sources to match any work requirement. Their ease of use and dependability has made them the favorite of plant maintenance, welding, and production personnel throughout the world.

  • 601SBM, .25” to 1” (13.7 to 33.4mm), max wall 1.0” (25.4mm)
  • 602.5SBM, 1.32” to 3”OD (33.4 to 76.2mm), max wall 1.25” (31.75mm)
  • 604SB, 2” to 4” (60.3 to 114.3mm), max wall 1.50” (38.1mm)
  • 606SB, 2” to 6” (60.3 to 168.3mm), max wall 1.50” (38.1mm)
  • 608SB, 4” to 8” (114.3 to 219.1mm), max wall 1.50” (38.1mm)
  • 610SB, 6” to 10” (168.3 to 273.1mm), max wall 1.50” (38.1mm)
  • 612SB, 8” to 12” (219.1 to 323.9mm), max wall 1.50” (38.1mm)



  • Pneumatic, Electric and Hydraulic Drive Options
  • Adjustable O.D. mounting system
  • Cold cutting-No Heat Affected Zones
  • Enclosed drive gears for safety and ease of maintenance
  • Re-positionable motor mount
  • Extended capabilities with additional machining accessories
  • Sever and bevel simultaneously
  • Preparation on carbon steel, low alloy, chrome, chrome/molly, stainless, inconel, copper, aluminum and copper nickel