800 Series Closed Arc Weldhead

800 Series weldheads are easy-to-operate tools for autogenous tube welding. Six models (805, 810, 820, 830, 840, 860) with overlapping ranges cover tubes from 3 – 152 mm (0,125” – 6”) O.D. Magnatech’s 800 series heads make tube-to-tube and tube-to-fitting welds in less time with precision and repeatability. The double-clamping design simplifies work piece fit-up and eliminates tack welding in many cases. Collets are available for any tube and fitting size.

Digital technology forever eliminates the need for periodic weld head calibration – rotation speed remains accurate regardless of head wear and heads can be interchanged without time-consuming recalibration.

Tungsten holder allows field replacement in a minute. Virtual 360° circumferential contact of tungsten electrode guarantees positive arc starting. The 800 Series utilizes two inexpensive insert plates made of a heat/UV resistant material to protect the Head housing and mechanism. If necessary, they can be replaced in minutes.



  • Collets for all tube sizes/fitting geometries
  •  Waterproof carry case standard
  • Bench mount bracket
  • Internal weld head cooling standard
  • Convenient flip-up view port allows final inspection before welding
  • Encoder motors provide precise, repeatable speed regulation
  • “Jam” detection/protection. If rotation stops for any reason, it is instantly sensed and power to the motor is immediately interrupted. No more damaged motors or drive trains
  • Standard 8 m (25’) hose pack length
  • New rotation drive design tolerant of metal debris
  • “Home” position switch automatically readies the head for removal following weldcompletion, and never requires adjustment
  • Simple assembly makes field service straightforward


  • Extension cables allow use up to 23 m (75‘) from power supply
  • Pre-ground tungsten electrodes
  • Offset Tungsten Holders (Butt weld) allow use when axial clearance restrictions exist (such as short tangent fittings)
  • Offset Tungsten Holders (Fillet weld) allow fillet (socket) welds to be made