Argweld® PurgExtra™ Pipe Weld Purging Systems

Argweld® PurgExtra™  Pipe Weld Purging Systems (Previously called Argweld Multi-Exhaust Purge systems) have the advantage of extra gas inlets and multiple exhausts as additional to accommodate high flow rates of purging and exhaust gases, required for welding titanium and other reactive or high specification metal joints. The additional inlets and outlets provide the possibility to use the cold inert gas to cool weld metal quick for inter-pass temperature control or other metallurgical treatments that might need record cooling rates. Unwanted connections are left closed with the blanking plugs provided.

Argweld® PurgExtra™ Inflatable Pipe Weld Purging Systems are easy to use and provide a very rapid weld purge and help produce perfect oxide free weld roots quickly. The volume to purge is minimized resulting in significant savings in both time and the quantity of inert gas used. In addition, these systems have no metal parts exposed, making them ideal for use in the food, semi conductor, chemical and pharmaceutical industries to protect internally polished stainless steel tubes, as well as for all other applications where pipe purging systems are required.

These inflatable tandem bladder purging system is available in sizes from 2″ to 24″(50mm to 600mm).


The tandem based Argweld® PurgExtra™ Inflatable Pipe Purging System has been designed specially for the welding of high specification stainless steel, titanium and other reactive alloys. Each system has 2 protected inflatable dams connected by an armoured heatproof spinal tube. Once ready to start purging, the system is inserted into the bore with one dam on either side of the weld joint. When the gas connection is made and opened, the dams inflate to form a seal, after which the pressure in the system opens the purge IntaCal®. The inert gas is then fed into the space between the dams expelling the air through the integral exhaust tubes. All systems include RootGlo®, a centering band which glows in the dark for up to 20 hours after 10 minutes exposure to light and IntaCal®, a unique purge gas release system. Each system can be fitted with PurgeGate® as an accessory. PurgeGate® is a revoluntary control mechanism for pressure and flow. With the use of PurgeGate®, the systems are guaranteed not to burst due to over pressurization.Welding can then be carried out with the inert gas ensuring a clean even penetration bead. Use of Argweld® PurgEye® 100 IP65 Weld Purge Monitor® is highly recommended as it will show when the required level of purge has been achieved. After the welding is complete the dams are deflated simply by disconnecting the purge gas feed and the device can be easily removed. This uniquely designed system means that only one gas connection is required for both dam inflation and weld purging. The PurgExtra™ contains quick fit couplings complete with “o” ring for gas tight sealing and stainless steel collet to hold the tube mechanically tight. Now fitted with “Anti-release” circlip to prevent parts accidentally separating inside the pipe.