Argweld® Single Ended Inflatable Purging Dams

Weld Purge Dams are single ended purge systems for closure welds, T piece joints, dome end connections, where a conventional Tandem Purge System cannot be used.



Single Ended Purge Dams are a low-cost alternative to plastic foam or cardboard dams. These isolating Inflatable Dams are manufactured from advanced low out-gassing rate materials. The single dams are ideal for applications of closing welds where retrieval is possible and other joints where a Tandem Pipe Purging System is not required. These simple to use, easy to insert Argweld® Inflatable Single Ended Weld Purge Dams c can be used in connection with other styles or sizes of dams elsewhere within the piping system.  

Single ended Purge dams are ideal for tight bends, T piece joints, dome end connections and so on, where a Tandem Weld Purge Bladder Inflatable System cannot be used. These Inflatable Weld Purge Dams provide an excellent grip in the pipe with an effective all-round seal. Each Dam has a weld purge gas inflation hose and an exhaust port for exiting purge gas. An additional hose for extra gas input is also provided, which is useful for higher speed purging and for weld cooling to reach interpass temperature specifications. This ensures a zero colour (non oxidised) weld. There is also an additional hose for a weld Purge Monitor and Gas Detection and Analyzing Instrument to be attached.

Quick, fast, very simple to use use. Available in Sizes from 6″ to 96″.

Argweld® Inflatable Single Ended Purge Dams are a manufactured to prevent common weld problems :

• Prevents Weld coking

• Prevents Oxidation

• Prevents Weld root contamination

• Prevents Weld cut-outs

• Prevents Loss of corrosion resistance

• Prevents other issues that might occur as a result of using plastic foam or other unsuitable materials that can release massive amounts of air, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, gases and water into the weld zone during the welding process. The Argweld® Inflatable Single Ended Purge Dams are used, when it is not possible to use Argweld® PurgElite® or Argweld® QuickPurge® Tandem Style Weld Purge Systems or the old fashioned Purge Bladder Systems.

Apart from the benefits of having a metallurgically sound weld, the difficulties of cleaning an oxidised weld are eliminated, saving vast amounts of money in labour and material costs as well as the disposal costs where acids are concerned.

Advise your technicians against spending time fabricating dams made of foam, cardboard, adhesive tape, wood and so on. Like paper, these materials contain a high percentage of water and water is very undesirable to have in the presence of a weld. As these poor materials are warmed by the welding operation, they start to out-gas their water vapour, which starts to circulate around the weld joint and combine with the weld pool to cause porosity and oxidation.

Now there is no more reason to put your welds at risk by using apparently cheaper materials, use Argweld® Inflatable Single Ended Weld Purge Dams can be purchased instead!

Size Range 6 to 96″ (150 to 2440 mm)

Manufactured for pipe diameters from 6 to 96 inches (150 up to 2440 mm), these lightweight systems are easy to inflate using the purge gas.

Leak tightness

Once the Dam is inflated and seals all around the internal circumference of the pipe, the excess inert purge gas spills out and purges the space around the weld joint, which then pushes the air out into the open atmosphere.

Proper Use

Each Dam is equipped with a purge/inflation hose (black), an extra purge gas hose (blue) as well as a hose for connecting a Weld Purge Monitor®  Gas Detection and Analysing Instrument (red).

The blue hose is suitable for passing extra gas into the weld zone at any time to cool welds and meet interpass temperature specifications, or to provide extra inert gas in the event of titanium, zirconium or special stainless applications needing a guaranteed zero colour weld.

By producing bright shiny welds, there will be no porosity and there will be no loss of corrosion resistance caused by oxidation.

Part NumberPipe SizeID Range
APD00066”140 - 165 mm
APD00077”165 - 191 mm
APD00088”191 - 216 mm
APD00099”216 - 241 mm
APD001010”241 - 267 mm
APD001111”267 - 292 mm
APD001212”292 - 318 mm
APD001313”318 - 343 mm
APD001414”343 - 368 mm
APD001515”368 - 394 mm
APD001616”394 - 419 mm
APD001717”419 - 445 mm
APD001818”445 - 470 mm
APD001919”470 - 495 mm
APD002020”495 - 521 mm
APD002121”521 - 546 mm
APD002222”546 - 572 mm
APD002323”572 - 597 mm
APD002424”597 - 622 mm
APD002525”622 - 648 mm
APD002626”648 - 673 mm
APD002727”673 - 699 mm
APD002828”699 - 724 mm
APD002929”724 - 749 mm
APD003030”749 - 775 mm
APD003131”775 - 800 mm
APD003232”800 - 826 mm
APD003333”826 - 851 mm
APD003434”851 - 876 mm
APD003535”876 - 902 mm
APD003636”902 - 927 mm
APD003737”927 - 953 mm
APD003838”953 - 978 mm
APD003939”978 - 1003 mm
APD004040”1003 - 1029 mm
APD004141”1029 - 1054 mm
APD004242”1054 - 1080 mm
APD004343”1080 - 1105 mm
APD004444”1105 - 1130 mm
APD004545”1130 - 1156 mm
APD004646”1156 - 1181 mm
APD004747”1181 - 1207 mm
APD004848”1207 - 1232 mm
APD004949”1232 - 1257 mm
APD005050”1257 - 1283 mm
APD005151”1283 - 1308 mm
APD005252”1308 - 1334 mm
APD005353”1334 - 1359 mm
APD005454”1359 - 1384 mm
APD005555”1384 - 1410 mm
APD005656”1410 - 1435 mm
APD005757”1435 - 1461 mm
APD005858”1461 - 1486 mm
APD005959”1486 - 1511 mm
APD006060”1511 - 1537 mm
APD006161”1537 - 1562 mm
APD006262”1562 - 1588 mm
APD006363”1588 - 1613 mm
APD006464”1613 - 1638 mm
APD006565”1638 - 1664 mm
APD006666”1664 - 1689 mm
APD006767”1689 - 1715 mm
APD006868”1715 - 1740 mm
APD006969”1740 - 1765 mm
APD007070”1765 - 1791 mm
APD007171”1791 - 1816 mm
APD007272”1816 - 1842 mm
APD073073”1842 - 1867 mm
APD007474”1867 - 1892 mm
APD007575”1892 - 1918 mm
APD007676”1918 - 1943 mm
APD007777”1943 - 1969 mm
APD007878”1969 - 1994 mm
APD007979”1994 - 2019 mm
APD008080”2019 - 2045 mm
APD008181”2045 - 2070 mm
APD008282”2070 - 2096 mm
APD008383”2096 - 2121 mm
APD008484”2121 - 2146 mm
APD008585”2146 - 2172 mm
APD008686”2172 - 2197 mm
APD008787”2197 - 2223 mm
APD008888”2223 - 2248 mm

Argweld Single Ended Purge dams.