BB3000 Line Boring Machine

If you have ever repaired worn hinge points on loader arms or buckets, you know how difficult it is to cut off the worn area and try to weld on new hinge points while keeping everything lined up. A better way is to use the CLIMAX Model BB3000 Portable Line Boring Machine. If the holes are not badly damaged, you can simply weld them up, attach the BB3000 Line Boring Machine, and re-bore them to original dimensions. If the hinge points are so damaged that the entire area needs to be replaced, weld on new sections with slightly undersized holes, then quickly re-bore them to original dimensions while keeping everything in proper alignment.


Boring Capacity
• Bore from 1½ – 5 inches (38.1 – 127.0 mm) in diameter, using the bar and tool head.
• The 1¼ inch (31.75 mm) diameter bar is available in almost any length in 1 foot (304.8 mm) increments.
• Holes are positioned at 6 or 10 inch (152.4 or 254.0 mm) intervals along the bar to hold 3⁄8 inch square tool bits in the SAE inch
version, and 10 mm square tool bits in the metric version.
• The clamp-on tool head covers the 3-1 ⁄4 – 5 inch (76.2 – 127.0 mm) diameter range.



All dimensions should be considered reference. Contact us for precise dimensions. Specifications are subject to change without notice. There are no systems or components on this machine that are capable of producing hazardous EMC, UV or other radiation hazards. The machine does not use lasers nor does it create hazardous materials such as gasses or dust. Boring Bar Diameter 1.25 inches 31.8 mm Boring Diameter 1.5 – 5.0 inches 38.1 – 127 mm Boring Stroke, Max 10 inches 254 mm