BB4500 Line Boring Machine

Compact and affordable, the BB4500 offers great mounting flexibility to allow you work in restrictive spaces.

Select from a variety of motor and bar options to build a package just right for your needs.

Quick and Easy Setup

• Modular components make setup quick and easy.
• Fast and easy setup using high quality cast-iron set-up cones and spherical bearing mounts.
• Typical set-up time for an experienced operator is 30 minutes or less.


• Over 100 ft lbs (135 N•m) of torque at the bar.
• Specially-designed rotational drive unit provides a 4:1 worm gear
reduction for increased torque at all speeds.


• Extremely compact, and can be used easily in cramped, tight work spaces.
• Compact design completes jobs where other machines won’t fit.


Affordable and Flexible
  • The CLIMAX BB4500 Portable Boring Machine is your “best-value” portable boring machine.
  • Through-bar design allows the rotational drive and feed unit to be mounted anywhere along the bar, even separate from one another.
  • CLIMAX-patented mounting components provide the flexibility to handle challenging boring jobs even when space is limited.
  • Available with electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic motor options.
  • Reversible electric motor.
  • Fast, easy two-bolt change-out process to switch motors.
  • Available in a variety of bar lengths, from 4 to 20 feet (1219.2 to 6096 mm) Bars are straightened, and have ½ inch or 12 mm square-broached tooling holes.
  • Many accessories available, including small bore kit, facing and grooving head options, and bore measuring tool.
Quality Components
  • Keyed, chromed 1-¾ inch (44.5 mm) bar.
  • World’s best rotational drive and axial feed unit.
  • Patented mounting system.
  • High-quality components provide smooth, reliable operation to get the job done.