Bevelmaster 236B Large Diameter Bevelling Equipment

The strong, stable Model 236B BEVELMASTER™ platform provides unique ID mounted machining capabilities for heavy duty weld preparation. An optional Single Point Module and proper mounting hardware extends pipe cutting range to 60″ (1524mm) for 37.5 degree bevels and up to 68″ (1727mm) for flange facing. The powerful ID mandrel shaft provides superior mounting strength and support which allows rapid set-up and a strong, torque-accepting grip. A gear reduction unit on the feed system and adjustable tool modules combine with handy in-line feed knobs for ease of use. Single or dual hydraulic motors with a rugged worm drive system provide maximum power for single point, form tool, and miter cutting. An optional ID tracking system provides precise weld preparation on out-of-round pipe. Maximum power and precision in an easy to operate machine.



  • Pipe Cutting Capacity 12″ Sch 5 through 60
14″  Sch 5 through 140 16″ through 36″ All Schedules
  • Tube sizes 11.43″ Min ID to 36″ Maximum OD  with standard mandrel
  • Wall thickness for tubing up to 1.312″(33.3mm)
  • Wall thickness of all standard pipe schedules, 1.312” (33.3 mm) maximum, in the range listed. Tubing or pipe with greater wall thickness may be handled provided the I.D. is greater than 11.43” (290.4 mm) and the O.D. is less than 36.00” (914.4 mm).
  • Counterbore pipe & tubing with ID range of 11.43″(216.00mm) to 35″ (609.6mm)
  • Material Cutting Capability : Mild steels, chrome steels (Rc 35 max.), stainless steel, copper-nickel alloys and aluminum without limitations except size and wall thickness as specified above. Inconel and some other high temperature alloys may require special procedures as a function of wall thickness and type of end preparations.
  • Single Point Extension Capability 
    •  Bevelling 15″(381.0mm) to  60″ (1524 mm) at 37-1/2 °
    • Flange Facing 20.00” (508.0 mm) DIA to 68.00” (1727.2 mm) DIA cutting range.
    • Feed Travel 5″ (127.0mm) nominal (radial)
    • Feed : 8 Selectable positions.
    • Alignment when used in Conjunction with 224B Miter Head Mandrel 
      • Angular ± 5°
      • Offset ± 0.19″ (4.83mm)
  • Bevel, Counterbore, Face, ID Chamfer, Flange Face
  • Versatile Mounting Options
  • Weight complete Machine with Mandrel, Drive Motor and Stand : 1200 Lbs (554 Kg).