BW2600 Auto Borewelder – Bortech By Climax

The BW2600 Auto Bore Welder is a compact blend of simplicity, performance and reliability, capable enough to tackle aggressive field applications with ease. The BW2600 interfaces directly with users existing MIG Wire feed systems, providing Skip / Fill capability, fully adjustable mechanical step, reverse weld direction, step lockout feature for face welding and optional remote pendant control.


Axial Travel: 9 inches (228.6 mm)

Wire Diameter Range: 0.030 – 0.045 inches (0.76 – 1.14 mm)

Step Range/Pitch: Step Range: 0.050 – 0.200 inches (1.27 – 5.08 mm)per rev

Rotational Direction: Reversible

Auto-Skip: Skip / Fill

Standard Torch Range:  0.88 – 24 inches (22.4 – 609.6 mm)




HIGH QUALITY AND PRECISION Swivel head provides torch adjustment through a simple and robust ball and seat arrangement, the simplest design in the industry. Automated skip / fill A simple cam operated feature that allows the operator to easily program WELD ONLY or NO WELD sections of the bore up to 180 degrees. Simply set the cams and the machine takes care of the rest. Machine fully rotates between skip / fill sections. Reverse Rotation This feature allows the operator to reverse the rotation direction. This is typically used when the borewelder is in the horizontal axis and the operator needs to weld multiple passes. This feature alternates the uphill weld over the downhill weld of the last complete pass, simplifying multi-pass welding. Hand held pendant allows operator to control welder operations from one hand held control panel. Rotation jog, weld stop/ start, arc interrupt, and rotation speed.   FLEXIBLE AND VERSATILE Free position allows the operator to move the spindle freely for torch placement, or move the spindle quickly to change consumables when the need arises. Adjustable step feed allows adjustability of bead placement and eliminates weld void at ends of weld. Run mode allows the operator to move the spindle with the worm gear knob, allowing incremental fine adjustment of the axial start point, or when small adjustments are needed when welding. Step lock-out allows the ability to face weld, greatly expanding the versatility of the welder. This feature also allows operators to reduce or eliminate axial feed for the first or last passes. Boring Bar Interface Kit allows quick alignment and attachment of the BW2600 to Climax Line Boring Systems for quick turnover between welding and boring for fast completion of jobs. Adjustable base allows mounting of the BW2600 to fit any workpiece when not using a boring bar. The non-magnetic mounting base makes welding in job shops, machine shops, or specialized applications simple and easy. SAFETY Hand held pendant allows operator to control the equipment from the most advantageous location, allowing precise adjustments that customers require for best results.