Dew Point Sensor

Eliminate Porosity in the Weld

Measurement of the Dew Point for Critical welds has never been easier than with the revolutionary HFT® PurgeNet™ Dew Point Purging Gas Moisture Sensor™.



Dew Point Sensor is an accessory that is a valuable addition for critical welds and is used with our PurgEye 200, PurgEye® 500 Desk, PurgEye® 600, PurgEye® 1000 Remote and PurgEye® 1500 Site

During Weld Purging, while the value of Oxygen present, is being measured by a Weld Purge Monitor, welding and QA personnel, may frequently may need to measure the Dew Point Moisture to prevent the gases including oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen from being absorbed into a weld joint.

Dew Point is that value where condensation begins and any water in the welding environment, will condense on the material being welded, which can affect the weld properties significantly.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd has a Dew Point Sensor in its product line that can be used in conjunction with our range of 1 ppm Weld Purge Monitors®.

It is not necessary to purchase a separate, expensive Dew Point Meter, as NEW PurgeNet™ Dew Point Purging Gas Moisture Sensor™ can simply be connected to and integrated with the Weld Purge Monitor® via the PurgeNet™ lead.

Available for use with the following Weld Purge Monitors® (1 ppm with accuracy to 10 ppm):

  • PurgEye® 200
  • PurgEye® 500 Desk
  • PurgEye® 600
  • PurgEye® 1000 Remote
  • PurgEye® 1500 Site

Power Requirement

1 watt, powered from PurgeNet™ lead.


Dew point data will be output to supporting Weld Purge Monitor® for display and Data Logging via PurgeLog™.

Data is displayed on the OLED screen of the compatible PurgEye monitor in split format so both oxygen (O2) and moisture (H2O) content are shown as ppm value.

Choosing the correct Dew Point measurement equipment for your application is essential for perfect operation.

Our Dew Point Purging Gas Moisture Sensor™ can offer a reliable and a stable monitoring of the dew point with easy set up and quick response time.

This NEW innovative Dew Point Purging Gas Moisture Sensor™ has been manufactured purely for welding and offers you:

  • Accurate measurement
  • Very fast response time

Our Dew Point Purging Gas Moisture Sensor™ is suitable for the following types of gases:

  • Argon (Ar)
  • Oxygen (O2)
  • Nitrogen (N2)
  • Hydrogen (H2)
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)







PurgeNet™ Dew Point Purging Gas Moisture Sensor™

™ Weld Machine Interface (for PPM Readings to Welding Power Sources, such as Orbital Welder)

PurgeAlarm™ Visual Alarm Indicator, red light only

PurgeAlarm™ Visual Alarm Indicator, green light (fitted on top of red light)

Bracket for PurgeAlarm

PurgeLog™ Data Logging Software for Quality Control

PurgeNet™ Smart Cable with multi-plug options, charging, alarms, software

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