Heavy Duty Bladders

Heavy Duty Bladder Compact Diameter Available with and without bypass. Nitrile bladder reinforced with Ballistic Nylon. Can be inflated with Air or Water. Bladder inflation monitoring accessories available.


Heavy duty inflatable bladders or Pipe Plugs

Most sizes permit easy placement by one man. Flexibility allows Multi-Size plugs to navigate through small hot tap or branch pipe into large pipeline. Plugs can be inflated with air or water.

The Heavy duty inflatable bladders or Pipe Plugs are similar to the medium duty plugs, but have additional layers of protective ballistic nylon for better resistance to tough environments and provide higher allowable back pressure or head.  The heavy duty plugs are also longer than the medium duty plugs.

Our Multi-Size heavy duty inflatable bladders are an ideal inflatable solution that allows most of the inflation pressure to exert pressure on Pipe ID thus providing higher allowable Head or Back pressure. This is contrary to rubber plugs where most of the inflation pressure is used up in expanding the plug.

Heavy Duty inflatable bladders or plugs are typically used for plugging or testing of pipelines, especially when there is small-restricted access. The Multi-Size plug is the most flexible plug on the market. It has the greatest multi-size range and will conform to almost any pipe configuration. The small-deflated diameter and flexibility allows insertion and removal through a manhole for plugging otherwise inaccessible pipelines. It is also used as a semi permanent valve to isolate hazardous waste spills.

The bladder is made of Nitrile, which is reinforced by ballistic nylon outer ply. This design provides a long life and an excellent seal for testing. A 36” plug will also stop a 10” pipeline! When completely deflated, a 72” plug will deflate down to only 15”!


  • High Strength Flexible Materials: The heavy duty inflatable bladder is made of Nitrile, which is reinforced by several layers of ballistic nylon outer ply. The bladders offer excellent hydrocarbon resistance – many other materials available and have connections for water or air inflation. Bladders made from Butyl rubber are available. For high puncture resistance and toughness we supply bladders with Kevlar Outer layer. For specific applications we supply different bladder materials such as EPDM or Viton.
  • Multi-Size pipe balloons or plugs may be used in any pipeline larger than the deflated diameter. When using plugs in smaller than rated maximum diameter, allow for some seepage.
  • Most sizes are available for prompt shipment.
  • Light Weight: Allows one person insertion for most sizes and applications.
  • Diver Friendly: Small deflated size allows removal of air for easier insertion under water.
  • Higher Head Pressure: All inflation pressure is applied to the inside wall of the pipe through the inflatable pipe plug. Molded rubber plugs like the Huntindon Fusion Rubber Plugs require much of the inflation pressure just to expand the plug.
  • Flexibility: Deflated Multi-Size plug easily navigates bends and small openings. A 72” Multi-Size plug may be inserted through a 15” opening!
  • Custom Configurations: Custom Flexible and Rigid Plugs have been manufactured for many high temperature and severe chemical applications. Kevlar bladders or Butyl rubber bladders are avaialble.

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