High Expansion Inflatable Pipe Plugs

Light Duty Pipe Plugs.

  • Industrial Ballistic Nylon Outer Ply
  • Smallest deflated size to install through tiny openings
  • More robust than our Gas Plugs



High Expansion, Light Duty, Abrasion Resistant Inflatable Pipe Plugs

High Expansion Inflatable Pipe Plugs allow easy placement by one man. Flexibility allows Multi-Size plugs to navigate through small hot tap or branch pipe into large pipeline; then inflate with air or water.

Typically used for plugging or testing of pipelines especially when there is small-restricted access. The Light duty Multi-size plug is the most flexible plug on the market; it has the greatest multi-size range and will conform to almost any pipe configuration. The small-deflated diameter and flexibility allows insertion and removal through a manhole for plugging otherwise inaccessible pipelines. 

No shelf rot like rubber plugs.

Light duty inflatable plugs are widely use to block the pipe end to prevent debris from entering the pipe, foreign material exclusion or as a night caps or seasonal blocking of pipe and ducting.

Abrasion resistant Inflatable Pipe plugs feature a ballistic outer layer of a natural rubber or nitrile bladder.

High Expansion Inflatable Pipe Plug Specification Chart

Inflatable Bladders and Inflatable Bungs Features:

Inflatable Bladders made of Natural rubber and covered with Ballistic Nylon.

  • Plugs are made from High Strength Flexible Materials. The standard design has a Natural Rubber bladder covered with Ballistic Nylon overlay. For agressive chemicals or hydrocarbons these pipe bungs are available in other materials. Plugs with Nitrile bladder material are also available.
  • Multi-Size plugs or Inflatable stoppers may be used in any pipeline larger than the deflated diameter. Allow for some seepage in smaller size pipelines
  • Most sizes are available with shipment within 1-3 days.
  • Light Weight: Allows one person insertion for most sizes and applications.
  • Diver Friendly: Inflatable stoppers have small deflated size allows removal of air for easier insertion under water.
  • Higher Head Pressure: Our Inflatable Plug applies all inflation pressure to the inside wall of the pipe. Molded rubber plugs require much of the inflation pressure just to expand the plug.
  • Flexibility: Deflated plug easily navigates bends and small openings. You can insert a 72” Multi-Flex™ plug through a 7” opening!
  • Puncture resistant Infltable Pipe Plug with Kevlar Overlay available, for superior puncture resistance.
  • Custom Configurations: We can manufacture Custom Flexible and Rigid Plugs for many high temperature and severe chemical applications.
  • We ship to anywhere in USA, Canada and beyond.