Inflatable Super Heavy Duty pipe Plugs

Inflatable Pipe Plugs for hydrotesting pipes up to 150 PSI. 

Heavy duty construction. Each plug works over a multiple size range of pipe.


• Multi-size use (8 plugs will cover pipe sizes from 4″ to 42″)
• The rubber and metal is bonded, eliminating fears of separation or rolling off resulting from high back pressures
• Optimized design using steel, aramid and natural rubber to ensure longevity and robust construction
• Water must be used to pressurize these plugs due to high working pressure
• Removable and field repairable hardware
• Safety/Over-inflation device, Air is purged from the plug during inflation

High Back Pressure Inflatable Pipe Plugs

Moulded Rubber Plug design that withstands back pressure to 150 PSI

Inflation Pressure of 200 PSI With Water

Justram Item #Plug SizePurge
Port Size
Max Back
Weight  LbsLength
Eye Bolts
SHD-4-84”-8”3/8” M3.8”-8.2”150 PSI816”3.8”0
SHD-8-128”-12”1 – ½ “M7.7”-12.2”150 PSI2424”7.7”1
SHD-12-1612”-16”2” M11.9”-16.2”150 PSI5224”11.9”1
SHD-16-2016”-20”2” M15.2”-20.2”150 PSI9224”15.2”2
SHD-20-2620”-26”2” M19.2”-26.2”150 PSI14624”19.2”2
SHD-26-3226”-32”2” M25.8”-32.2”150 PSI37124”25.8”4
SHD-32-3632”-36”2” M31.2”-36.2”150 PSI44028”31.5”2
SHD-38-4238”-42”2” M37.2”-42.2”150 PSI48528”37.125”2