Test Plugs – Low Pressure – Aluminium

Low Pressure Pipe Plugs from HFT Pipestoppers® range are suitable for leak testing, isolation, sealing, stopping and even for the purging of pipework in size range 1.5 to 36″ (38 to 900 mm). Available in stock for sizes up to 12″ and for larger diameters within 1 week.  


Low Pressure Pipe Plug – Typical applications

Aluminum plugs are widely used in Plumbing operations, domestic and industrial water, drainage systems as well for offshore operations. They are negatively buoyant for sub-sea work and can be used in all kinds of pipes and materials for leak testing, isolation, sealing, stopping, pipework in ducting and conduit, swimming pools, masking in painting and casting industries and even for weld purging.

The standard seals are made from natural rubber and special rubber seals are available for applications where greater resistance to chemicals and / or temperatures is required. A variety of rubber sealing rings are available including natural rubber, silicone, nitrile, neoprene, viton and a friction free washer to ease tightening of the wing nut is a standard feature.

Plugs conform to British Standards BS8005 and BS EN752-4 for low pressure testing and sealing of pipes. These HFT Pipestoppers® Aluminium Test Plugs and Stoppers can be used as Drain Test Plugs, Sewerage Test Plugs, Waste Test Plugs, Scupper Plugs, Plumbing, Welding Purge Plugs and many more applications.

Synthetic rubber seals are available for petrochemical applications where greater resistance to a variety of materials is required.

Effective sealing is simple. HFT Pipestoppers Aluminium Test Plugs and Stoppers merely need inserting into a pipe or other opening and the wing nut to be turned clockwise. The rubber ring will expand and provide a positive seal. Tightening of the wing nuts is simple by the use of friction free washers.

The natural rubber rings can be used up to 80˚C (176˚F) in continuous use. For higher temperatures, we supply rings made from silicone that can be used up to 300˚C (572˚F) and viton, which can be used up to 350˚C (662˚F). Technical data sheets about the resistance of various rubbers to all temperatures and materials are available on request.

Plugs can be braced to assist in greater stability.  Note: For effective sealing, internal surfaces of cavities must be clean and dry.  Pressure ratings may be affected by poor, slippery or dirty surfaces. Some smooth surfaces may not be effective and may need to be roughened.

Aluminum Plug Size and Specification Chart

PSP30401.5" 38 mm  38 -   50 mm45 mm  94 mm30 PSI0.5" BSP0.17 kg
PSP30502" 51 mm  49 -   62 mm43 mm  90 mm30 PSI0.5" BSP0.22 kg
PSP30602.5" 64 mm  62 -   77 mm43 mm  92 mm30 PSI0.5" BSP0.27 kg
PSP30753" 76 mm  73 -   89 mm43 mm  94 mm20 PSI0.5" BSP0.31 kg
PSP30853.5" 90 mm  84 - 103 mm53 mm  96 mm15 PSI0.5" BSP0.36 kg
PSP31004"102 mm  94 - 110 mm47 mm  94 mm10 PSI0.5" BSP0.36 kg
PSP31154.5"114 mm112 - 130 mm56 mm140 mm10 PSI0.5" BSP0.47 kg
PSP31255"127 mm125 - 142 mm60 mm  95 mm10 PSI0.5" BSP0.79 kg
PSP31506"152 mm146 - 168 mm48 mm  96 mm10 PSI0.5" BSP0.70 kg
PSP41506" 152 mm146 - 168 mm 48 mm 96 mm7 PSI1" BSP0.70 kg
PSP41757" 178 mm175 - 200 mm 64 mm100 mm7 PSI1" BSP1.92 kg
PSP42008" 203 mm193 - 220 mm 64 mm100 mm7 PSI1" BSP1.59 kg
PSP42259" 229 mm220 - 240 mm 64 mm170 mm7 PSI1" BSP2.06 kg
PSP425010" 254 mm245 - 270 mm 73 mm178 mm 7 PSI1" BSP2.52 kg
PSP427511"279 mm274 - 328 mm100 mm200 mm7 PSI1" BSP3.45 kg
PSP430012"305 mm295 - 325 mm 77 mm200 mm7 PSI1" BSP3.42 kg
PSP435014"356 mm350 - 385 mm110 mm215 mm5 PSI1" BSP6.95 kg
PSP437515"381 mm370 - 410 mm110 mm225 mm5 PSI1" BSP5.35 kg
PSP440016"406 mm390 - 435 mm110 mm225 mm5 PSI1" BSP5.90 kg
PSP445018" 457 mm445 - 495 mm110 mm225 mm5 PSI1" BSP8.75 kg
PSP450020"508 mm495 - 550 mm 145 mm 255 mm52" BSP14.4 kg
PSP452521"533 mm495 - 550 mm 145 mm255 mm32" BSP16.0 kg
PSP455022"559 mm546 - 572 mm 145 mm255 mm32" BSP18.0 kg
PSP460024"610 mm595 - 650 mm 145 mm255 mm32" BSP22.0 kg
PSP465026"660 mm648 - 673 mm2" BSP25.0 kg
PSP467527"686 mm673 - 699 mm2" BSP26.5 kg
PSP470028"711 mm699 - 724 mm2" BSP27.0 kg
PSP475030"762 mm749 - 775 mm2" BSP28.0 kg
PSP481532"813 mm800 - 826 mm2" BSP32.0 kg
PSP482533"838 mm826 - 851 mm2" BSP35.0 kg
PSP490036"914 mm902 - 927 mm2" BSP37.0 kg

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Available through Huntingdon Fusion as exclusive Authorized Distributor for Canada.