MagnaCut XM Pipe Cutting Machine

Mathey Dearman’s revolutionary MagnaCut XM enables the welder and pipefitter to cut, bevel, and even weld steel pipe and steel plate without having to secure the machine to the work surface by means of chains, clamps, or any other device. The secret is in the MagnaCut’s magnetic wheels that secure the machine to the surface with 300lbs of pull. Inside the wheels are rare-earth magnets, the strongest permanent magnets made. The MagnaCut XM is an excellent choice when cutting a variety of sizes and thicknesses of pipe and plate. It will cut materials with wall thicknesses from .280” (7mm) to 3″ (76mm) using either a plasma or an oxy/acetylene cutting torch. When cutting steel plate, the use of a 1”x 1” x 1/8″ angle iron as a guide strip ensures perfectly straight tracking. In addition, the remotely-operated motor control box allows the machine to cut in hard-to-reach locations such as overhead pipes and vertical walls. Even on pipe or plate with coating material up to .015 (.4mm) thick, the MagnaCut XM tracks straight, and the torch-to-work surface distance is held constant. Welding with the MagnaCut XM Many companies have gained a decisive advantage by using the MagnaCut XM as a tractor for a machine welding torch for long tedious horizontal stringer welds. The machine is available with a rack adjustable torch holder for a 1 3/8 inch (35mm) machine torch with 32 pitch or a metric torch rack. The MagnaCut XM can propel the welding torch at speeds from 2″ to 40″ (51mm to 1016mm) per minute depending on the welding source, gas mixture, and deposition rate.


  • MINIMUM SET-UP TIME—just set the distance between the torch tip and the work surface
  • VERSATILE—cuts pipe, plate, walls and overheads
  • SAFE—Speed and direction of both machine and torch arm speed are remotely controlled
  • AMAZING HOLDING POWER—strong rare-earth magnets hold fast to any magnetic receptive surface with coating up to
    .015″ (.4mm) thick.
  • FAST—Up to 80% faster than cutting by hand.


MagnaCut XM Kit includes:
  • Base Machine
  • Motor Control Box
  • Electric Torch Arm
  • Torch Holder
  • Torch Support
  • Hose Support
  • 74inches / 1880mm long Safety Strap for up to 24 inches / 610mm pipe
  • Two (2) Snap Hooks
  • Protective Leather Cable Sleeve
  • Service Keys
  • Storage Box
  • Parts and Operating Manual.
Not Included:
  • Machine cutting torch
  1. The MagnaCut XM should not be used on heavy wall pipe or plate thicker than 3″ (76mm).
  2. The MagnaCut XM is not designed for use with 1 3/4″ (44mm) or 2 ½” (64mm) barrel Plasma torches.
  3. ALWAYS SECURE the machine to the pipe with a safety strap.
  4. Mathey Dearman should be contacted prior to attempting any application not listed in the catalog.
  5. MagnaCut XM is not designed for cutting spiral welded pipe.


MagnaCut XM, 115 vac 50/60 Hz05.0550.000XM60 / 27
230-115 vac Step-Down Transformer01.0759.0085.5 / 2.5
DescriptionMagnaCut XM
Method of Attachment to Pipe or PlateRare Earth Magnets
Magnetic Pull per Wheel Assembly150lbs / 68kg
Polyurethane, Carbon Zinc  or Epoxy CoatingsUp to 15mils or .015″ /.4mm thick.
Set Up Time2 Minutes or less
Cutting Range (when placed on outside diameter of pipe)6 5/8″ / 168mm and up
Cutting Range (when placed on inside diameter of pipe)24″ / 610mm and up
Vertical Cutting CapabilityPipe or Plate
Horizontal Cutting CapabilityPipe or Plate
Diagonal Cutting CapabilityPlate only
Miter or Saddle Cutting Capability on PipeShallow Miters or Saddles only