MiniMag XM Pipe Cutting Machine

Mini-MAG XM is capable of cutting 6″ (153mm) pipes and larger from the outside, and 24″ (610mm) pipes and larger from the inside. The machine will cut 16″ (406mm) pipes and larger parallel to the pipe centerline. Mini-MAG XM’s rare earth magnets hold the machine to the material with an astounding 300lbs (136kg) of magnetic force. It is designed for cutting thicker pipe coatings and heavier wall thicknesses and may be used for welding applications. Mini-MAG XM is designed for pipes having a wall thickness from .250 to 3” (6.4mm to 76mm) with coatings up to 0.015″ (.4mm) thick. Mini-MAG XM has all of the outstanding features of the MagnaCut XM except for the Electronic Torch Arm. The cutting torch of the Mini-MAG XM moves backward and forward instead by means of a manually rotated rack with knob. Mini-MAG XM is capable of cutting both horizontal and vertical pipe and plate. The Mini-MAG XM is equipped with guide rollers for use with 1″ x 1″ x 1/8″ (25mm x 25mm x 3mm) angle iron or the MagnaCut XM Guide Strip for vertical cutting. A Guide Strip is recommended when using the Mini-MAG XM to cut pipes 18″ (457mm) and larger to improve cutting accuracy.

Welding with the Mini-MAG XM

Many companies have gained a decisive advantage by using the Mini-MAG XM as a tractor for a machine welding torch for long tedious horizontal stringer welds. The machine is available with a rack adjustable torch holder for a 1 3/8 inch (35mm) machine torch with 32 pitch or a metric torch rack. The Mini-MAG XM can propel the welding torch at speeds from 2″ to 40″ (51mm to 1016mm) per minute depending on the welding source, gas mixture, and deposition rate.


  • VERSATILE—Bevels plate and pipe at angles to 45º.
  • MINIMUM SET-UP TIME— Just strap on and begin cutting!
  • ADAPTABLE—Can be used with oxy/fuel or plasma machine torches having a 1 3/8″ (35mm) barrel diameter.
  • ELIMINATES the need for more than one machine for different pipe and plate sizes.
  • The Mini-MAG XM is equipped with guides that can be used with 1″ X 1″ X 1/8″ (125mm x 125mm x 3mm) angle iron for vertical (up or down) welding applications.


MiniMag Kit includes:
  • Base Machine
  • Motor Control Box
  • Torch Arm
  • Sliding Support
  • Torch Holder
  • 74″ / 1880mm long Safety Cable for pipe diameters up to 24″ / 610mm pipe
  • Two (2) Snap Hooks
  • Protective Leather Cable Sleeve
  • Standard Mathey Dearman Motor Control Box
  • Parts and Operating Manual
  • Custom Storage Box
Not Included:
  • Machine cutting torch
  1. The MiniMag XM should not be used on heavy wall pipe or plate thicker than 3″ (76mm).
  2. The MiniMag XM is not designed for use with 1 3/4″ (44mm) or 2 ½” (64mm) barrel Plasma torches.
  3. ALWAYS SECURE the machine to the pipe with a safety strap.
  4. Mathey Dearman should be contacted prior to attempting any application not listed in the catalog.
  5. MagnaCut XM is not designed for cutting spiral welded pipe.
  6. Persons wearing a pacemaker should not come in contact with this equipment.


Mini-MAG XM, 115 vac05.0550.MINIXM39 / 17.6
Mini-MAG XM, 230 vac05.0550.MINIXM239 / 17.6
DescriptionMini-MAG XM
Method of Attachment to Pipe or PlateRare Earth Magnets
Magnetic Pull per Wheel Assembly150lbs / 68kg
Set Up Time2 Minutes or less
Cutting Range (when placed on outside diameter of pipe)6 5/8″ / 168mm and up
Cutting Range (when placed on inside diameter of pipe)24″ / 610mm and up
Minimum Speed2″ / 51mm per minute
Maximum Speed40″ / 1016mm per minute
Net Weight31 lbs / 14 kg
Shipping Weight39 lbs / 17.6 kg
Shipping Dimensions18″ x 18″ x 10″ / 457 x 457 x 254mm
Width17″ / 431mm
Length13″ / 330mm
Height9″ / 229mm
Electrical Requirement115 vac or 230 vac 50/60Hz