Model 304 – Tube Squaring machine

Popular for its broad size range, precise burr-free preps and Clean-room safe. No damage to electropolished ID’s. Face stainless steel, inconel, and plastic tubing. Power can be supplied from pneumatic or electric drive for cleanroom applications. When you see how rugged and precise the Model 304 is, you’ll understand why it’s relied upon for larger tube squaring by so many shops, in so many industries.

The Model 304 uses full support OD clamping saddles or collets for holding the tubing with minimal distortion. A precise easy feed system is combined with a dual range, variable speed electric drive to provide optimum RPM and maximum operator control. The cutting head accepts squaring bits alone or in combination with beveling and ID deburring bits for complex preps.

The Model 304 offers easy set-up and operation with the accuracy required to consistently achieve flat, square and burr free ends. The cutting head allows installation of up to 3 tool bits for squaring, beveling or special preps, and the bench stand is easily removable for in-place use.
The Model 304 comes with a variable speed, dual range drive motor for optimal cutting speed selection and control. Options include air clamping with hand or foot actuation, custom saddle sets for fittings, pneumatic motor, and a sealed DC drive motor.

The Model 304 tube squaring machine will face .250″ (6.35mm) to 4.5″ (114.3mm) OD tubing up to .250″ (6.35mm) wall thickness. It features quick change saddle sets (no tools required), graduated feed and a high visibility cutting head to enhance productivity.


  • 0.25” to 4.5” (6.4 to 114.3mm) Tube and Fittings
  • Wall Thickness Up To 0.250” (6.4mm)
  • Electric Drive for Cleanroom Applications
  • Optional Pneumatic drive
  • Full Support OD Mounting Saddles or Collets
  • Burr Free Cutting
  • No Damage to Electropolished Surfaces
  • Bevel, Square, ID Chamfer, Counterbore
  • Preparation on mild, chrome, stainless, copper-nickel alloy, aluminum
  • Special procedures for: inconel, other high temp alloys