Model 5712 Tube Severing Machine

High production with consistent repeatable performance over and over again, our model 5716AC and 5712AC deliver a weld-ready finish on large tube and thin wall pipe.

The larger  12” SeverMaster severing machines are the ideal solution when working with large, thin wall tube and pipe. Offering both high performance and consistent, repeatable precision, the equipment helps produce an excellent weld-ready finish with rapid cycle times.
The Model 5712AC uses a hybrid four piece, fixed size collet system with interchangeable saddles to guarantee rapid, secure clamping.

Another feature is the screw-style collet actuation mechanism that allows for longer collet movement and clamping pressure, for greatly increased thin wall “out-of-round” correcting capabilities.

  • The Perfect Weld Prep
  • Variable speed motor increases bit life and reduces burrs
  • Smooth roller bearing design for perfect severs
  • Four interchangeable, self-centering collets prevent distortion of thin wall tubing
  • Unique hybrid saddle/collet system, accepts torque while providing reliable, secure clamping
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Auto-Cycling resets the tool bit after each cut
  • Standard dual severing for rapid cutting
  • Lockable speed-nut allows fast and easy collet clamping
  • Adjustable feed rate and motor speed for cut control Safety
  • Enclosed gears increase operator safety
  • Operator friendly foot pedal control



  • The Auto-Cycle (AC) tool and Quick Lock collet closure enhance productivity
  • Lockable speed-nut tightening of collet for fast and secure clamping
  • Optimize the cutting speed by adjusting the feed increment per revolution


  • Enclosed gears increase operator safety
  • Operator friendly foot pedal control