MODEL PFM 1632 Pipe Bevelling Machine

Model PFM 1632 PIPEMASTER™ ID Mounted Portable Pipeline Beveling System

The Model PFM 1632 PIPEMASTER® is a portable ID mount machine tool for beveling, facing and/or counter-boring 16” (406.4mm) through 32” (812.8mm) pipe. The machine can machine pipes up to 36″ with a special tracking wheel configuration on pipe with up to a 1″ wall thickness. The tool is configured with twin hydraulic motor drives that power helical drive gears attached to the main spindle for smoother power delivery for optimal surface finish. A set of two hydraulic cylinders (with rapid and slow feed control) advance the cutting head into the pipe end. A large diameter mandrel shaft is provided for optimum stability during heavy cutting operations. One hydraulically actuated mandrel head with extended mounting ring assemblies and mounting pads covers the complete mounting range of the tool. The lifting frame does not require removal or separate lay down stands. The tool can be lifted for mounting in horizontal, vertical-up, or vertical-down positions for prepping on site pipes.


  • 16” to 32” (406.4 to 812.8mm), wall thickness up to 1.85” (47mm)
  • Safety chip guard with integral auto shut-off
  • Setting new standards for Pipeline Facing Machines!
  • Widest pipe size range in the industry
  • Most powerful machine in it’s class