MODEL PFM 4876 Pipe Bevelling Machine

Model PFM 4876 PIPEMASTER™ ID Mounted Portable Pipeline Beveling System

The PipeMASTER PFM 4876 – Our largest Pipe Facing Machine, this ID Mounted powerhouse bevels, faces and counterbores on 48″ through 76″ pipe, while offering twin hydraulic drive motors and helical gears that provide smooth power delivery and optimal surface finish.


  • 48” to 76” (1219 to 1930mm), wall thickness up to 2.0” (50.8mm)
  • Roll-up chip guards with safety interlocks for protection of the operator
  • Sets new performance standards for Pipe Facing Machines
  • Widest pipe size range in the industry
  • Most powerful portable machine available in it’s class
  • Five ID-tracking tool modules for unparalleled high-speed carbide machining operations