Pipeliner II 609 Orbital Weldhead

The Magnatech Pipeliner II is designed to make pipe-to-pipe and pipe-to-fitting welds.
Interchangeable guide rings mount the head on the pipe, allowing a broad workpiece size range from 168 – 1524 mm (6”– 60”) and larger.

The Pipeliner II improves productivity by increasing duty cycle, reducing repair rates, and producing welds of consistent quality.

In addition to welding pipework, the Pipeliner is also used for ID and OD welding on larger tanks, vessels, and ductwork.

  • Flexible track allows mounting on complex curved surfaces
  • Standard 2.3m (7-1/2’) Track sections bolt together for longer lengths
  • Magnetic or Vacuum attachment



  • Full Function Capability (Torch Rotation, Filler Wire Feed, Motorized Arc Gap Control, Electronic Oscillation)
  • Broad Pipe Size Range with change of single component – the Guide Ring
  • Water-Cooled Torch uses standard Expendables
Pipeliner II 609
ApplicationPipe size – 168 mm (6.625”) and larger
Pipe wall thickness – unlimited
Flx-Track™ for welding on flat and curved surfaces
Output rating0 – 51 mm (2”)
Oscillation speed0 – 2540 mm/min. (100 ipm)
Oscillation dwell0 – 1 second. Independently adjustable at both stroke endpoints
Cross seam adjustment± 25 mm (1.0”)
OSCILLATION MODULE (PENDULAR) Allows sockets/fillet welding
Cross seam adjustment± 20 degrees
Torch vertical motion moduleStroke: 66 mm (2.625”) (motorized)
Speed: 1520 mm/min. (60 ipm) maximum
Tractor modulePoly-Track® propulsion (patented)
Speed capability0 – 762 mm/min. (30 ipm). Higher speed motors available
Travel directionSwitch selectable (on head)
WireWire diameter:0.8 – 1.6 mm (0.03 – 0.62”)
Wire feed speed:0.5 – 22 m/min. (20 – 866 ipm)
Wire spool size:15/16 kg (25/33 lbs)
Water-cooled torchAmperage capability: 300 amps continuous. Uses standard torch components
Torch adjustment capabilityTorch lead/lag adjustment:± 15 degrees (manual)
Torch tilt adjustment:± 10 degrees (manual)
Angle bracket (optional):± 45 degrees (manual)
Dimensions/weightsAxial Length A1Minimum Radial Clearance B2Overall Width CWeight 3
609 WFOF38.7cm (15.25”)24.8cm (9.75”)30.5cm (12”)9.8 kgs (21.5 lbs)
609 WFPP37.5cm (14.75”)24.1cm (9.50”)41.3cm (16.25”)11.6 kgs (26.5 lbs)
609 WFOH66.7cm (26.25”)26.7cm (10.5”)36.8cm (14.5”)14.4 kgs (31.75 lbs)
1 Center of oscillation stroke 2 Center of vertical stroke 3 Weight without wire spool (WFOH). Includes 1.6 kg (3.5 lb.) of Torch Cable Weight (Partial)