PurgElite Inflatable Purging Systems

PurgElite Inflatable Pipe Purging Bladders

Low cost high value systems suitable for weld purging of tubes to tubes or fittings and pipes to pipes and fittings for 1 to 24″ (25 to 600 mm) diameter.




PurgElite Infaltable Pipe Purging System

PurgElite Inflatable Pipe Purging system, is an advanced tandem dam bladder systems,  and offers a simple, low cost solution to make high purity welds. The volume to purge is kept small, resulting in savings in both time and cost of inert gas used.

PurgElite sizing & range

PurgElite Inflatable Pipe Purging bladders have two  purge bladders or dams connected by a new design inert gas purging tube. The inert gas purges air as well as other unwanted gases and vapours out of the space between the dams with inert gas.

The system features a ‘new’ design low profile valve that allows us to supply a 1″ (25 mm) Inflatable Tube and Pipe Purging System, which has never been achieved previously. In addition, these systems have no raised metal parts making them ideal for use in a wide range of industries that would normally use internally polished stainless steel tubing and piping.

Standard sizes of Argweld® PurgElite Inflatable Pipe Purging system are available for immediate delivery and special requirements can be produced in just a few days.

Don’t use old fashioned purge bladders or purge dams that burst and do not use homemade devices like cardboard, paper dams or foam bungs. They contain a lot of water, air and water vapour. Bad products put your weld at risk and end up costing you more money.

Each system has 2 protected inflatable dams connected by an armoured heatproof spinal tube. When the tube or pipe is ready to be purged, the PurgElite Inflatable Pipe Purging system is inserted into the bore with one purge dam either side of the weld joint. When the gas line is connected to the purge system the bladders inflate to form a seal. The pressure in the system then opens the purge valve. The spinal tube carries the gas to inflate the purge dams and the low profile valve releases the gas gently, to purge the interspace without turbulence.

The inert gas is then fed into the space between the purge bladders expelling the air through the integral exhaust tubes. A weld purge monitor is recommended to measure the oxygen content in the purged area, and once the monitor indicates that the required purge has been achieved, welding can  be carried out ensuring a clean even penetration bead.

Afterwards, the purge dams are deflated simply by disconnecting the purge gas feed and the device easily removed. This uniquely designed system means that only one gas connection is required for both dam inflation and weld purging. An equal number of outlets are provided. Unwanted connections are left closed with the blanking plugs provided. The connecting spinal tube can be shortened or an optional longer tube can be provided to accommodate special requirements.

This range of Argweld® PurgElite® Tube and Pipe Purge Systems are for pipes of nominal diameters from 1″ (25 mm) to 24″ (600 mm).

PurgElite® PURGE TIME (to 0.1% oxygen and less)

By using Argweld® PurgElite® Tube and Pipe Weld Purging Systems, the main savings, over any other system, are obtained in reduced
purging and waiting time, and in the much lower quantity of inert gas used.

Purging with old fashioned systems and homemade devices will require a flow rate of at least 24 L/min (50 cu ft/hr)
for longer periods.

Purge time for PurgElite® Inflatable Tube and Pipe Weld Purge System to less than 100 ppm or 0.01% oxygen.

Test Pipe Diameter 4″ (100 mm)

Old fashioned or home made devices:

Purge time to 1,000 ppm…. 26 minutes
Flow rate 50 CFH (24 L/min)…. inert gas usage 18 Cu ft (624 liters)

Argweld® PurgElite® Inflatable Tube and Pipe Weld Purging System:

Purge Time to 100 ppm…. 3 mins 6 secs
Flow rate 21 CFH (10 L/min)…. inert gas usage 0.9 Cu ft (30 Liters)
Purge Time below 35 ppm…. 7 – 10 mins (with extra gas inlet and exhaust integrated)

High quality circumferential butt-welding of tubes or pipes with other tubes, pipes or fittings, requires inert gas to be used inside the bore to prevent oxidation and notching of the root penetration weld bead.

The tandem based Argweld® PurgElite® Inflatable Tube and Pipe Weld Purging System has been designed specially for this work.

Argweld® PurgElite® Inflatable Tube and Pipe Weld Purge Systems simplify the process of inert gas purging.

Quick and easy to install

Quick fit couplings complete with “o” ring for gas tight sealing and stainless steel collet to hold the tube mechanically tight. Now fitted with “Anti-Release” circlip to prevent parts accidentally separating inside the pipe.

Innovative purge gas feed device

No complicated valve to set.

Inflation of purge dams & inert gas purging with one line

No chance of inflatable purge bladders bursting due to over pressurisation. One hose from the inert gas supply is all that is needed.

Specially developed purge dam connection hose

Protection sleeve, resistant to hot metal up to 700ºC (1292ºF). Synthetic spinal connection hose gives complete flexibility to go around bends.

Optional  Heat Protection Sleeves available for applications which have longer exposure to heat and are recommended for 1″  to 8″ diameter pipes and tubes.

Low vapour pressure material.

No scratching of internally polished surfaces.

For all grades of stainless and duplex steels, with and without polished interiors, titanium, zirconium and any other exotic metals or alloys.

Centrepiece Glow Positioning Indicator

Argweld® PurgElite® cost saving systems can be positioned accurately.

The glow strip positioning band in the centre of each system gives ease of use when positioning the device underneath the weld.

Size range: 1 – 24″ (25 to 600 mm) Ø

No restrictions in elbows or bends in pipe work.

First inflatable 1″ (25 mm) system available.

Uses less inert gas

Special gas usage system significantly cuts the volume of gas used compared to all other methods.


The Argweld® PurgElite® System is very quick and easy to install. It can be positioned accurately and the purge dams inflate instantly.

No difficult valves to set, therefore saving time

Bladder purging time is a fraction of that required by conventional methodsleading to significant savings and waiting costs. Cost savings charts are available on request.

The volume to be purged is localised.

Low Price

Dramatic decrease in prices over all similar models. Payback could be as less as one weld.


Highly reliable, giving regular, repeatable, controlled high quality results.

Gas pressure control ensures an even positive root bead with no notching.

Manufactured to Nuclear Quality Standards with Nuclear approved materials, these systems guarantee bright, shiny, coke and oxide-free welds.

Because Argweld® PurgElite® Inflatable Tube and Pipe Weld Purging Systems have no metal parts exposed, internally polished stainless steel tubes are protected.

Argweld® PurgElite® Inflatable Tube and Pipe Weld Purging Systems from 1″ upwards are ‘State of the Art’ newly evolved technology by Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT®.

Heat Resistant Covers

These are available as an accessory to both PurgElite® and PurgExtra™ Tube and Pipe Weld Purging Systems. The Heat Covers are held on with ties and there are holes provided for the PurgElite® fittings, such as inlet, exhaust and crimped end.

Temperature rating up to 300ºC (572ºF).

The Heat Covers are provided in sets of two and they are available for each specific diameter from 1 to 24 inch (25 to 600 mm).

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