Socket Weld SQ2 Test Plugs

 Socket Weld Hydro Test plugs facilitate pressure testing systems to 5,000 PSI on standard 3,000 # Class Socket weld fittings.


Hydro Test 3,000 pound socket weld fittings. SQS plugs eliminate the need to weld in pipe stubs or pups and end caps.

Attach a high pressure water supply to the plug and begin testing.

Unique “Twin Cone” design provides uniform gripper expansion that ensures 100% contact between the test plug and the socket weld fitting.
Pressure rated up to 5,000 psi (343 Bar)
Long wearing urethane seals provide easy plug installation and removal.
Replacement grippers and seals available, allowing you to use the SQS hydrostatic test plug multiple times.

Socket Weld Test Plug Chart