Tungsten Grinder – WIG Spitz Cronitex

 Tungsten Grinder WIG SPITZ – with Diamond cut-off wheel for cutting tungstens to length. Optional Vacuum Dust Extraction Cabinet available. Ordering Part numbers.

Part # 520.901       Cronitex Wig-Spitz Tungsten Grinder 110V, CSA Inspected  
Part # 520.500M  Dust Extraction Cabinet f, 110V, CSA Inspected



The Cronitex WIG SPITZ TIG Point Tandem unit is a CSA Inspected Tungsten Grinder, for cutting and grinding tungsten electrodes. The equipment uses a dry grinding processes. For grinding of the electrodes a cup wheel is used with a diameter of 150mm. The unique position of the tungsten against the grinding wheel allows a perfectly longitudinal grind.  The grinding in the longitudinal direction has a uniform arc result.

Tungsten electrodes from 1 mm to 6.4 mm in diameter and of varying length can be ground without adjustment.

The unit is sold as a tandem grinder which has a grinding wheel and a diamond cutting wheel to cut tungstens to length. A vacuum dust extraction cabinet is available to remove tungsten dust. The vacuum dust extraction allows the grinder to be used as a floor mounted unit.

The unique rotating element allows the rotation of the tungsten, which in turn ensures a logitudinal grind on tungstens.

A precision device for use in the workshop, at a tool crib or on-the-job-assembly site. More efficiency, more safety and service life for automatic TIG welding systems, orbital or linear.

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Cronitex WIG SPITZ Tungsten Grinder

Parts and Accessories

Item DescriptionPart # to orderImage
Universal Grinding Wheel520.603520.603 Grinding Wheel K120
Manual Drive Element520.203520.203 Manual Drive Element
Universal Electrode Holder520.204Universal Electrode Holder 520.204
Bearing, Electrode Support, With Holder520.206520.206 electrode Support Bearing with Holder
Bearing, With rivet520.623520.623 electrode Bearing with Rivet
Diamond Dresser Holder520.400
Diamond Dresser Cronitex V62S 775194.01520.403