V WAC Gage – GAL Single Weld Gauge

“V Wac” Single Weld Gauge

V WAC Gage From GAL Gage Company – Check Undercuts/Pits, Porosity, Crowns

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V WAC Gage is an all stainless steel Gage. 


V WAC Gage Features

  • Undercuts/Pits to 1/4 Inch, Crowns to 1/4 Inch by 1/64 Inch Increments (Tolerance .006″).
  • Check Undercuts/Pits, Porosity, Crowns, All Stainless Steel.

The V-WAC Single Weld Gauge, available in fractional, decimal and metric increments, is a tool which allows you to perform several different types of measurements and to compare weld defects.

With this tool, you can measure:

* Undercuts or Pits
* Reinforcement of Butt Welds
* Outside Misalignment
* Surface porosity per linear inch and Compare surface porosity for size

To measure an area of undercut, set the bottom of the gauge on the base material, set the tip of the pointer into the area of undercut and read the amount of undercut from this scale. The locking screw can be tightened to hold readings for future references.

To measure the weld reinforcement of a butt weld, set the bottom of the gauge on the base material and set the tip of the pointer on the top center of the butt weld. Read the height of the weld on this scale.

To measure outside misalignment, set the bottom of the gauge on one of the pipes, extend the tip of the pointer to the adjacent pipe and move the pointer up or down to make contact. The reading from this scale will give you the amount of misalignment.

To measure a line surface porosity in one linear inch, place the end of the gauge with the scale along the length of the weld to be examined. Read the amount of aligned pores in one linear inch from the scale with 1/16 of an inch increments.

To compare surface porosity for size, place either the 1/8″ or the 1/16″ hole in the gauge next to the pore in the weld to be checked. Compare the size of the pores to the holes in the gauge.

This V-WAC Gauge is available individually  or it is included in the kit with set of gauges available in our Brief Case type Large Tool Kit.

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