CouponMASTER Weld Coupon beveling and cutting Machine

CouponMASTER weld coupon cutting tool is the perfect solution for union halls, colleges, and trade schools where high numbers of coupons are utilized for basic welding training and for qualification of welders using heavy wall pipe.

Electric Motor operated CSA Certified units as well as Pneumatically operated units available.


CouponMaster weld coupon machine

Tri Tool Weld coupon machine is the Perfect Solution for Weld Training and Certification Programs CouponMaster weld coupon machine is built around the rugged and dependable Model 208B BevelMASTER and incorporates a strong, integral base stand for bench top mounting. Whether you decide to purchase factory length piping to produce weld test coupons with a cutting and beveling operation, or you prefer to purchase pre-cut and beveled weld test coupons, the CouponMASTER weld coupon cutting machine can produce an attractive return on investment by reusing and reclaming post-welded training or test coupons. With the average 2”Ø(NPS) weld test coupon (pre-cut/pre-beveled) being 4” long, the COUPONMASTER will allow, with the use of your cutting tool/method, four or more reclamation cycles (considering .125” HAZ removal tolerance) for your post welded test coupons. Depending on your weld coupon utilization for training (arc time practice) and code related, welder performance/qualification testing activities, the COUPONMASTER can quickly produce significant cost savings and reduce downtime by recycling your welding coupons. Tri Tool Weld coupon machine Features:
  • Built around the powerful BevelMASTER Model 208B ID mounted beveling machines for maximium performance, precision and durability
  • Included mandrels offer a super wide cutting range of 1.503″-8.63″
    • 1.63″ to 8.63″ ID (standard mandrel – PN 06-0499)
    • 1.503″ ID (2″ XX super coupon mandrel – PN 06-0580)
  • Easy set-up, operation, and size change-over for rapid repeatable results you can depend on
  • Counterboring determined by pipe size and schedule
  • Each weld coupon machine comes with a premium 37.5° Durabit® 5 beveling bit
  • Includes interchangeable slide jaws and mounting blocks.
  • Three adjustable tool holders provide for simultaneous beveling, facing, and counterboring over the full range.
  • For safety, the cutting head rotation and speed is controlled by a dead man lever and flow control valve.
  • Included Items, Beveller Sub-Assembly, Air Motor, Tool Holders, Full Range Mandrel, Small Mandrel, Operators Tool Kit and Manual, Bench Stand, Air Caddy Required to maintain air motor warranty ( For Pnematically operated machines)
Options that can be purchased separately include elbow mandrels for “fittings” within the size range, full support mandrels for thin wall pipe and a flange-facing module. Please visit our webpage for Cold Cutting & Bevelling Equipment You can view more details at Tri Tool Webpage on CouponMaster